Prayer for the Yemenis

Aisha al-Juaidi is my imaginary friend who has suffered in life, and whom I want to save physically and spiritually. This young Yemeni girl is the antagonist in my newest suspense novel, The Terrorist’s Redemption. When I picture her face, I see the face of one of my fifth-grade students at the School of Tomorrow in Addis Ababa, a Yemeni girl taken out of class five years ago and disappearing, most likely home to civil war torn Yemen.

The Hyena Man

David Tesfaye turned his head and flashed a quick glance down the road. Three boys followed him through the Addis Ababa neighborhood where he’d grown up. He stopped and put his hands on his hips, tightening his lips, and squinting in an attempt to look mean…

A chance to be a blessing!

Help us be a blessing to Ethiopian children. We feel blessed in many ways, and we hope you do too. We are even more blessed when we can help and bless others.  We want to bless Vision School. So, if you are considering  donations to make the biggest blessing, please consider helping this Christian school serving the poorest of the poor.

Ethiopian Jews face racism … from fellow Jews

Racism is a worldwide abomination. This tragedy occurs throughout many countries, races and faith groups. One recent tragedy was an unprovoked beating of a “black” Ethiopian Jew by “white” policemen in Israel. This is particularly bizarre as Israelis originally were a “brown” Semitic language speaking race and are currently as diverse in race and background as any population. Ethiopians appear to be a mix of these Semitic speaking tribes and a sub-Saharan population …

Teff: Ethiopia’s Second Gift to the World?

Teff—an indigenous grain—has been an Ethiopian food stable since ancient times.  Its tiny seeds are high in amino acids, protein, iron and calcium, and they’re gluten-free. Soon, it may rival quinoa and spelt in popularity …

The Crater Lakes of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has 59 volcanos in the Rift Valley Check out the number of active volcanos in the world today at the Smithsonian website. You’ll see more active volcanos than you may have thought (21 the week I checked). Most are in Asia and the west coast of South America. However,…

Listening Ear, Encourager and Joy Coach

I’ll begin coaching in 2020, however please feel free to contact me anytime by email. We may Skype if you choose. The plan for coaching will be short-term, solution-focused. We’ll work together to reduce stress, depression, anxiety as well as concentrate on goals and changing habits. The goal: a more productive and joyous future!