Creating a fictional world from the real world: Each of these settings is real, and serve as the fictional worlds of current and future novels. It’s one helpful way for writers to visualize their books’ “world.”

Scott Douglas Martell

The following photographs show various scenes that could very well be seen in every day life in our Ethiopia and Vietnam novel series.

Ethiopia, Countryside


Ethiopia, Project Mercy School


Ethiopia: Addis Ababa


My Ethiopian Students from Yetebon Village to Butajira to Addis Ababa!

Student assembly

My Vietnamese Students GEC

Vietnam, Lyson Island

Next up will be a suspense series in Vietnam, specifically Lyson Island and the new UNESCO geopark proposed for this area.

Lyson Island

Quang Ngai Walking Park

Day or night, in tropical heat or rainy winter, this park is an active exercise and social area for this town’s citizens. This is a country that values exercise, and beauty.