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Scott is a writer who's served in mercy missions in Africa and Asia. He has a passion for helping people of all nations and faiths, walking in Jesus' shoes as much as possible, showing love and tolerance and simply serving. In addition, nearing the end of full-time service outside the United State, he has evolved his pastoral counseling skills into retirement coaching. This coaching is not focused on finances, but about ensuring your best days are still ahead!

My Passions: Earth Care, Helping Children, Teaching & Coaching, Writing & Reading

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Encouraging People To Become Earth Stewards

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First passion, God; second passion helping others; third passion–caring for the beauty and sustainability of our home.

“Why should we be concerned about the environment? It isn’t just because of the dangers we face from pollution, climate change, or other environmental problems—although these are serious. … We know God created the world, and it belongs to Him, not us. Because of this, we are only stewards or trustees of God’s creation, and we aren’t to abuse or neglect it. 

Billy Graham

Helping Widows & Orphans (James 1:27)

Our specific passion is our ministry helping the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia. You can learn more at Currently, our major focus is feeding students in an Addis Ababa urban slum school. If you’d like to help us empower children in Ethiopia, you may do so by the link below for our missionary agency:

Coming in 2023! Coaching People to a Joyful Retirement

  • Brain Health
  • Healthy Eating
  • Developing the Best Habits
  • Solutions for Anxiety & Depression
  • Travel & Recreation

In 2022, Scott will begin “retirement” coaching–to help people prepare, and adjust, to the changes that come when make such a major life move –No matter the age. See for more information.

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Favorite Moments

Coming in 2022! Writing Coach: encouraging, inspiring & teaching writers

Writings from the Heart

Welcome! Scott writes from the heart, whether it’s romantic suspense novels, book reviews, or faith-based devotions. In his blogs, he also shares stories about travel, particularly exploring the cultures of Ethiopia and Vietnam. Please explore the site. There are links to recommended books and products. We believe you’ll find something valuable. We receive a small affiliate commission that supports our Christian Mercy Mission, operated through New International (