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I write and coach to bring some joy and optimism (usually!) into a complicated, changing and often dangerous world. I love reading novels, particularly suspense, so I'm writing a series based in Ethiopia, and preparing another series from Vietnam, where I currently reside ...

Just Released! The Hyena Man: Horn of Africa Suspense Book 1

High in the Ethiopian mountains, a witch doctor concocts a plan to destroy a Christian charity—but two emotionally-wounded adults and a young girl stand in his way…

The Jesus Workout: Gain Inner Peace & Closeness to God

The Jesus Workout is a Christian-based book, but many readers will find value in learning techniques for inner peace such as meditation, silent time, service and others.

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This Month’s Recommended Books–click on caption to learn more:

My recommended books and products are all linked to Amazon for your convenience. There, you can get more information, see a variety of reviews, and potentially purchase the items.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Happy reading and shopping!

This Month’s Recommended Vietnamese Product

Love these natural coconut bowls. The crafts people also sell sets two bowls, as well as other natural products.

Coconut Bowls

This Month’s Recommended Ethiopian Product

Teff is a gluten-free superfood native to Ethiopia. See our blog for more information.

Ivory … also available in brown

Favorite Moments from 2019

Listening Ear, Encourager and Joy Coach

I’ll begin coaching in 2020, however please feel free to contact me anytime by email. We may Skype if you choose. The plan for coaching will be short-term, solution-focused. We’ll work together to reduce stress, depression, anxiety as well as concentrate on goals and changing habits. The goal: a more productive and joyous future!