Pray for Peace and Reconciliation in Ethiopia

Pray for Ethiopia, suffering violent protests after assassination of a popular musician

Prayers are needed today and always for Ethiopia. On June 30, an unknown assailant assassinated a popular musician, Hachalu Hundessa. He sang mostly about love and unity. His songs also addressed issues of marginalization felt by his Oromo ethnic group. The country is reeling with violent protests. The violence has killed over 80 people as of July 4.  Hachalu, 34, sang and spoke up for the Oromo people which comprise the largest population group in the country, with about one-third of the population. The Oromo migrated into Ethiopia from the south and continued up the Rift Valley and throughout the fertile central and western regions beginning in the 16th century. For a map and analysis, please see this BBC news report. Also check out this heart-rendering personal memorial by his friend, Amensisa Ifa.

Elections scheduled for August have been postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus. They would have been the first electoral test for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Abiy is Oromo, and came to power in April 2018. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, recognized for making peace with neighboring Eritrea, and for his efforts in transforming Ethiopia. The country had long been considered an oppressive state.

By most reports, Ethiopia seems to have the right leader, but change is difficult, and needs prayer.

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