A chance to be a blessing!

Hope in a challenging situation

As a kitchen to feed over 300 urban slum students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, it wasn’t very suitable. Now, a storm and landslide has made Vision School’s feeding station almost useless. The storm also weakened the school’s security by damaging the rough tin fence surrounding the school. And, with more orphans and single-parent children clamoring to study and grow at this Christian charitable school, there is a desperate need for building more classrooms. We need to help this school.

Help us be a blessing to Ethiopian children 

We feel blessed in many ways, and we hope you do too. We are even more blessed when we can help and bless others.  We want to bless Vision School. So, if you are considering  donations to make the biggest blessing, please consider helping this Christian school serving the poorest of the poor.

You can read more about Vision School here.  Gigi will spend a month in Addis in the spring. Last year, we blessed the school with education equipment, and the previous year we helped the school with kitchen appliances. This is the year we must help rebuild the kitchen, make the school secure, and start them on their way to serving more at-risk children with additional classrooms. The school received government approval to do this work—such permits are difficult to get by private schools. 

A link to help … and be a blessing!

So, please be a blessing. Please help by sending donations though our missionary agency, here.

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