Please consider helping Ethiopia’s widows and orphans (James 1:27)

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Recommended Vietnamese/Asian Products

I particularly love these natural coconut bowls, made in Vietnam by the homeless, disabled, and elderly. The crafts people also sell sets two bowls, as well as other natural products. Check out their story on the link provided below. Also, who doesn’t love Pho–see a sweet Vegetarian Pho in my blog. And if you haven’t seen The Vietnam War, it’s a must see as it shows the war from 360-degrees and helps people understand how war happens, and how it can be avoided. It’s full of American and Vietnamese heroism, but also shows the reality, the horror, of war.

Recommended Ethiopian/African Products

If there is one thing people know about Ethiopia, it’s the famous delicious coffee. Try it to see if “everyone” is correct! There’s lots of brands, different roasts, so check the site thoroughly for what you prefer. And the coffee ceremony set! It’s so beautiful I had to include it. It’s a fancy one, for the best of occasions–sure to impress your friends. Ethiopia is also well-known for its jewelry and traditional clothes. These are just a very small example. Teff is a gluten-free superfood native to Ethiopia. See our blog for more information. Make sure to look at other teff options for different sizes. Try it, and then if you like it, looks for larger sizes