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Services Offered

  • Book Assessments
  • Content and Story Development
  • Copyediting

My Background

  • B.A. English
  • Two years M.A. study in Journalism
  • Accepted “dream” journalism job on a Florida beach
  • Over 20 year career as a Reporter, Editor, Editor-in-Chief for newspapers and magazines, including for PBS/NPR
  • Founder, literary magazine
  • Founder, environmental magazine
  • M.A. Pastoral Counseling
  • Novelist and Non-Fiction Writer

My Heart

I care about helping others succeed. I believe that many editors  are uniquely qualified and can help writers thrive. It’s more a matter of finding the best fit for your personality and writing. Please read some of my blogs and websites (,, or Ethiopia-Empowerment) to see if we’d be a good match.

One Writer’s Road

A long-time journalist, I left my profession in 2006 to follow my faith, serving in the mountains of Ethiopia. I taught English while serving in ministry. Recently, my wife and I moved to Vietnam, where I teach English and have begun coaching writers, blogging and novel writing.

One aspect of coaching I enjoy the most is helping writers reach their dreams. I’m living my dream now—and I believe you can do it too!

My Reading

I enjoy working with suspense, mystery, thrillers, and more. I love good biographies. n non-fiction, I loved The Hillbilly Elegy and How Not to Die.  I read many secular suspense books, from old standbys like Robert Ludlum and Alistair Maclean, to many contemporary thrillers and mysteries. I even range towards Louis L’Amour westerns and Viking adventures . But I also read many faith-based novels including Jeanette Windle and Terri Blackstock, as well as theology and devotionals.

Helping Writers

My strength is assessing a book, and helping an author develop their story, reaching a higher potential.

I enjoy helping writers fully imagine their characters, so they are unique and memorable.

I enjoy helping writers rethink weaker areas of their narrative, so the book fills with the power of solid storytelling.

I enjoy helping writers fully develop their ideas or themes, so readers pick up on the purpose of what they are sharing.

May your journey through editing and publishing be blessed to abundance—in all ways!

Listening Ear, Encourager and Joy Coach

I’ll begin coaching in 2020, however please feel free to contact me anytime by email. We may Skype if you choose. The plan for coaching will be short-term, solution-focused. We’ll work together to reduce stress, depression, anxiety as well as concentrate on goals and changing habits. The goal: a more productive and joyous future!