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Entoto Natural Park is changing the look and feel of Addis Ababa

Many visitors to Addis Ababa may have gone up the mountain towering over the city to see the view. But now, there is an even more amazing opportunity available through recently spruced up Entoto Natural Park. It’s getting raves on TripAdvisor (5/5). The summary says it “it amazes with absolutely stunningly dramatic places for relaxation or completely hilarious water activities.”

As the Prime Minister’s Office says, the park will “change the look and feel of the city of Addis Ababa.” Check out this YouTube video here–it’s short and well done!

The park has a terrific website. It’s summary states: Wildlife Sanctuary, Entoto Natural Park towers high above Addis Ababa the Capital of Ethiopia. A historical protectorate with the reliability of a cliff fortress. A canyon of adorable beauty and lush greenery. The resting place from the era of dreams. Towards fresh well-fragrance of highland. Clear and pleasant hiking trails. The rising shoulder of the mountain’s massif. Spring water bath of the high plateau. The wild forest of the ancient. The healing capacity of native wildlife. 

Check out the websites, and then plan a long visit!

An insightful look at a taboo subject where, slowly, there is a trend for a better life for a new generation.

Speaking up against sexual violence, domestic abuse in Ethiopia

In socially conservative Ethiopia, the sexual assault of children, who make up around half of the population, is largely a taboo subject. Laws have changed and crimes are increasingly reported but survivors, activists and politicians say stigma remains.

 See more here, from

Memorial Hall for Ethiopian Veterans in the Korean War in Chuncheon, Gangwon. The hall was established in 2007 to honor the veterans’ participation in the war and holds photos and records of the war. [CHUNCHEON CITY GOVERNMENT]

Ethiopia Troops hailed for valor–in Korea.

Interesting history: When Haile Selassie sent over 3,500 soldiers to fight for Korea seven decades ago, the Ethiopian emperor did not mince words.  The first squad of infantrymen dispatched from the African nation in April 1951 was christened “Kagnew,” meaning “the battalion which makes decisive attacks and annihilates enemies.”   “The Kagnew Battalions engaged in combat 236 times and won every encounter, as both attackers and defenders,” said Shiferaw Shigutie Wolassa, ambassador of Ethiopia to Korea.  

See more here, Korea JoongAng Daily.

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