A Love Letter and Meditation

Depending on what we choose to look at, we can still find beauty and hope in the world. Yes, we need to be realistic, but that also includes looking around 360 degrees, appreciating the good, and caring about each other. For my readers, friends and family, and visitors to this site, please take a deep breath during these troubling times and meditate upon these photographs. It’s my hope they’ll provide some peace and encourage you to find your own moments—wherever you are—that show you are more complete reality of our condition. A loving God created us, and he’s always with us.

Love you all!

Scott Douglas Martell
April 15, 2020

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Scott Douglas Martell is a writer, teacher and coach. His most recent novel is The Hyena Man, an African romantic suspense. His blogs often focus on Ethiopia and Vietnam, world traveling, and counseling for a more joyful life, with topics such as brain health and spiritual awareness.

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